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Current Setting
Current Setting
The setting is Japan in 2165. The world is at a state of peace with Pro-Heroes keeping the peace. Very few major incidents have occurred in the last few year. Japan has its own Pro Hero System with the Hero Billboard Chart's totaling who are the most popular heroes. Also has a Top 10 Most Wanted List which charts the most wanted criminals within Japan. Overall society is extremely accepting of Heroism, and largely has no qualms with heroes. Society also permits people to use quirks in self-defense or the defense of others in life or death scenarios. There has been rumored drugs of which can super-power a quirk temporarily passing through the undergrounds, but overall the world and Japan are at a stable peace.
Hero Licensing Exams
Hero Licensing Exams *To be filled*
World and Lore
Quirks were born into the world in Qing Qing City, China on July 25th, 2000, where a luminescent baby was born. Over the next tens of years people around the globe began to develop these powers as they became known as "Quirks". There were many theories at first of how these abilities came to be such as a virus, meta-gene, natural evolution, but it still remains a mystery as to the origin of quirks. It quickly took the populace with over 80% of the world's population having some form of a "quirk". Those who contained a quirk were mainly identified by having a singular joint in their pinky toe, and those who lacked them would have two, this method was widely accepted.. At first with the newfound power it was chaos with little to control it, and little legislation by the worlds governments to contain these new found abilities with people abusing theirs for power while others attempted to reign the abusers in with vigilantism. Those who were the old normal are now the oddity.

The world slowly adapted to a quirk filled society, governments moved to legislate, mandate, and license vigilantism turning it into a "Pro-Hero" system. To tame the flames of villainy it allowed people to act within the confines of law enforcement, and encouraged a safe procedure for handling quirk using criminals. While a heavily criticized decision to allow such strong quirks to be used within the confines of the law, it slowly became the new norm as quirks had prior. During this time many cries and protests have been made to liberate the use of quirks in the face of new restrictions to those unlicensed.

With a rise in Pro-Hero as an option as a career, these heroes are rewarded with government funds based on their popularity, usefulness, and crime prevention. These heroes are ranked on a popularity scale known as the Hero Billboard Chart JP (Japan based) which occurs every year as Heroes retire or come onto the scene the slots can frequently change or remain steady as ever. With this also came education for those seeking to be a Pro-Hero resulting in high schools teaching and tailoring young teens to their career, with U.A. High School reigning supreme in all of Japan producing recurring Hero Billboard Chart toppers.

As time has passed society has had major incidents, scares, terrorists attacks, and much other thrown at it but largely has persevered to the current day of 2165 Japan. The world is brimming with heroes standing atop of crime and villainy skulking waiting for its chance to throw the world into chaos.
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